Thursday, December 31, 2009


I don't know about all of you, but I'm ready for this new year to begin. 2009 was a turbulent year for me: a lot of high highs and low lows. It's time to move forward and look to the future.

I know it's customary to set resolutions for ourselves. Have any of you thought about the goals you'd set? I've hardly had time to think about it. But one thing has been on my mind: to lose weight! I'll be looking into Weight Watchers, which is something a friend of mine is doing. On top of that, I'd like to exercise more.

As for my hopes and dreams:

I HOPE that my weight loss is a success (I'm tired of people asking when I'm due; my stomach never went down after the last baby--every woman's nightmare--and that was two years ago, ugh. They pumped me with steroids during my postpartum state, and my body just froze. So, that's my excuse for it. Hopefully, exercise and eating less will do the trick).

And my DREAM is to finally be published. But not just published. I want my story to touch lives and be a success.

I have yet to hear from two publishers about my book The Master's Wall, and I'm praying for positive news. One of them said they'd get back to me after the first of the year. Wish I could prompt them to get back to me on the FIRST of the year. All this waiting has been painful. But 2010 means I'm that much closer to finding out! Again, I pray it's positive news. Maybe you can pray that as well!

So, tell me. What are your goals for 2010?


  1. Hmmm. My goals for 2010 include to exercise more consistently, catch up on the family scrapbook, pay down our debt, and write! On the writing front, I hope to write a new novel in addition to polishing up three past projects and getting them into circulation. My dream is that one of them finds a publishing home before the end of 2010.

    How's that for dreaming big?

  2. Dream as big as you desire, Candee! With God all things are possible!

  3. My goal is to finish my polish edits on my first WIP and the rough draft on my second. My dream would be the same as yours, Sandi. To see my name on the cover of novel. All in God's timing...

    Happy New Year!!!

  4. Those are great goals, Casey. As a matter-of-fact, both you and Candee have encouraged me to add one more goal to mine. To finish the second book in my IRON AND THE STONE series. I'm half way done, so I feel confident that it'll get finished. AND to start my third book in the series!

    Great goals, ladies. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Happy New Year!! and may you hear promising news about your book very soon. Amen!

  6. It wasn't hard at all for me to say goodbye (more like good riddance) to 2009. I am SO glad that 2010 is finally here! My goals for this year are to have lots of family time & make lots of fun memories, to get back to running (after my turbulant 2009, excercise/running went right out the window) and to write, write, write! After just trying to survive day by day this past year, writing also went out the window, so I hope to get back to some serious writing this year. Welcome 2010. :)

  7. Thank you, Crystal! Believe me, if anything positive does happen, you all will be the first to know!

    Karin, lose yourself in your writing. It takes the load of reality off your shoulders for a while. :-)

    God bless!

  8. Hello Sandi.....continued weight loss is definitely on my docket for 2010. So is continuing to write, write,write. My daughter lived in Europe for awhile and loved it, too. Take care! Sincerely, Susan from

  9. Hi, Susan-- Thanks for dropping by! I love Europe! Love the history and the greenery--there's lots of GREEN. :-)