Sunday, October 16, 2011

A plea from my mother-in-law

Here’s a plea from my mother-in-law. It took me this long to post it.

October 1, 2011

To family and friends,

Nearly 11 months have passed since coming to Colorado to try to help Karsten, Sandi and the kids through a very difficult time. During that time I returned home for two weeks and Henk was able to come here to help out for two month. This obviously was not the plan. But we are very thankful to the Lord that He granted us the possibility to be of help.
We just knew that this all wouldn’t be necessary, but…. We know so little. I will be returning to the Netherlands in a week, knowing only that the Lord is in control and that He has wonderful children who will carry on as needed. Hopefully it will not be necessary for me to return to Westminster soon, but needless to say, I will if the need arises.

After the stemcell transplant we had full confidence that this would be a cure for both the MS and the T-cell lymphoma. It didn’t/hasn’t happened. Cancer showed itself again at three spots on her spinal column. The radiologist says that the cancer is coming from somewhere but they don’t know where. The plan is to do localized radiation 15 times hoping it will take care of the immediate problem.

In the meantime, one doesn’t stand still just hoping for the best but looking for a possibility of making her stronger and eradicating the cancer long term.

Karsten and Sandi made a very quick trip to Arizona to consult with Dr Joe Brown, . I believe he knows what he is doing and that this is a treatment that can give the family back a healthy mother and wife for a long time to come. Karsten has been applying some of the nutritional aspects for several years, now he has support and even better guidelines to help Sandi and the family be healthy. Through his efforts Sandi was able to come through the chemo, radiation and transplant as well as she did. The caregivers at the hospital were surprised at her overall good health, despite the cancer and MS.

After a three hour consultation, Dr. Brown is drawing up a plan “of attack”. Before they left the office he started Sandi on the first treatment, told her what to eat and not to eat, set her up with two more treatments before they had to return home.

Now we need to find the financial means to make the rest possible. Yes, you guessed it. It is not free, but if one looks at the medical cost already incurred, it is “just a drop in the bucket”, however one they have to finance themselves. Karsten is still looking at the “ins and out” to being able to claim it on their insurance. In the meantime it could cost up to $20,000 and life goes on. They would prefer to do this on their own with the Lord, but they know they can’t. The Lord uses all His children to accomplish His works.

If you could help in any way the Northwest Church of Christ in Westminister is happy to function as a contact for this effort. This congregation as a whole and as individual members has been a wonderful support to the family in many ways and they continue to support them. We thank you for all you have already done, especially for your continued prayers and words of encouragement.

You can contact Karsten:

Or one of the elders at Northwest in Westminster, CO:
Ron Hanegon:

Or send a check to:
Northwest Church of Christ
5255 West 98th Avenue
Westminster, CO 80020
Specifying: Rog family

For international bank transfers contact: for bank IBAN and BIC numbers and to let him know
you are making a bank transfer for the Rog family.

May God bless each of you in your daily life,

Celia Rog


  1. Good morning, I found the site of Sandi and I had the joy and satisfaction of knowing that she became the mother of
    four sons and a writer. and a little sad but at the same time confident that you left
    victorious in this struggle against this disease? Would you be in my prayers and I mean that they can count on me.
    Every time I hear that song the Briam Adms' look into my eyes. I remember the wedding of you. remember the sena of you are looking at each other. was very beautiful.
    Well for now I'm married and have a son. and I'm building houses.
    and work as a broker of high standard properties. I am doing well.
    thank you
    Karsten and Sandi that you guys had the patience with me and for teaching me the way of God and many other things.
    I would take the news of Dan Turner Rita Smith.
    Finally I want to say that God is already doing it on their lives and that victory and his Path.
    you guys are very special to me.
    God bless y'all.
    Olimpio F Elias

  2. Olimpio, it's so good to hear from you! I hope you're doing well. It sounds like you're happy. That's wonderful! Be sure to teach your son about the Lord and how much He loves him! Give you precious wife a hug for me. Thank you so much for keeping me in your prayers. ~Take care, Sandi :-)