Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Got my hand slapped today

Got my hand slapped today. Hospital called and asked me gently (I recognized the nurse) to no longer pass out any of my flyers. She said I'm not allowed to come to the hospital if I don't have an appointment. AND if I come again to pass out flyers, they will have to call security. I told her I had a feeling this would happen, and I understood. I'm not allowed to pass out information that the hospital doesn't endorse.

As badly as I want to TELL THE WORLD, I'll abide by their rules. I've worked too hard to survive for my family to end up in jail.

Do I regret what I've done? Not in the least! I'm glad I did it, and I hope it saves lives. I also am not mad at this nurse. She's a wonderful nurse. She simply has to abide by hospital rules because she works there. She's also a mother and has a family to care for. I asked her if patients were upset, and she said she couldn't answer that question. Of course, I forgot about patient privacy. So, I understood. I just hope I didn't upset anyone. However, because this is a touchy subject, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised if folks may have gotten upset.

I'll find other ways to get my story out, so don't think I'm finished. Lives are at stake. But I won't return to the hopital. My family comes FIRST.


  1. You are so brave for doing that! I respect you for honoring their rules, and also for doing what you could until told not to. May the Lord bless your efforts.

    1. Thanks, Laurene. I pray the word gets out.

  2. Sandy
    I'm so glad you were in the hospital on Monday (10/29). I met you by the elevators on 2nd floor and recvd your flyer.
    I will be needing help to deal with early stage prostate cancer. Looking for ways to take about 50 apricot seeds.I'm also trying to eat 1 whole bulb of raw garlic ea day.(among other raw veges)
    I'm interested in finding a local support group of other cancer patients persuing the natural path.
    Tom Hansen

    1. Tom, it's so great to "see" you again! Yay!

      Yes, keep eating the raw veggies. They're the best for you. Also, since you have cancer, I would suggest getting on 500mg twice a day of B17. If you scroll down on my blog, you'll find on the right side the brand I take: NovoDalin. I was on this amount, recommended to me by my naturopathic doc in AZ.

      I love the idea of finding a local support group of other cancer patients who want to pursue the natural path. That's something to think about. If you have any ideas, please email me: sandirog at gmail dot com. Really, I think that's a great idea. Let's talk. I have no idea where to begin with something like that, or if one already exists.

  3. WOW Sandi, one that remembered your visit and there are probably more and if even just a tiny seed got planted that day, God can nurture it and make it grow where needed. thanks for sharing your journey to the world. I sent copies of pages copied from your site with info on B17 to one in my husband's family that has cancer so others will hear and tell others. like a big old ball rolling along.
    Thanks again Paula O

  4. Hi Sandi,
    Do you know anyone that has beat stage 4 lung cancer inoperable?
    My father has it and does not want chemo.

    1. Wendy, I'm so sorry to hear about your father! I don't know of anyone, but it certainly wouldn't hurt to try the B17. I know of a man who has cancer both in his lungs and his liver who's trying the B17. He just started, so I don't know what the outcome is.