Tuesday, May 21, 2013


My book WALKS ALONE just WON the 2012 GRACE AWARDS! So exciting!!!

WALKS ALONE is a well written epic novel beginning in Holland and ending in the old west. Loved the way it opened with the tenderness of Anna's father aboard ship. It was hard not to I got involved in the father's dream of traveling to Denver City. The scenes in New York City with Anna's uncle were brutal and fully engaging. After Anna escapes her uncle, travels westward by train, and finally joins a wagon train where she's not well treated, there is a captivating bathing scene in the river where she allows herself to relax. When half-breed Jean-Marc comes upon her with a small band of angry-braves, the reader is caught between instant knowledge of the hero's strong attraction to her and the extreme danger she's in and is hooked. Ms. Rog understands Native American life in that era quite well. She did an excellent job of showing the anger and murderous rage of the braves as well as the prejudice of the settlers and their inability to see Native Americans as people, which led to Indian massacres. Both Anna/Walks Alone and Jean Marc/White Eagle are flawed and well written. White Eagle's poetic declaration of how his love is so large and encompassing that he sees and hears Walks Alone everywhere, even in the wind, was superb. He tells her of his pain at having caught her engaging in conversation with his sworn enemy, the man who led the deadly raid against his tribe. Through this, the author conveys how painful it is for Father God to witness His children engaging with idols. Beautifully done. Touches the reader at a deep spiritual level. ~~  Judges: Nike Chillemi (Team Leader), Krisi Keley, Kenneth Winters


  1. Congratulations, Sandi! I am so excited for you!

  2. Sandi, I just finished reading this book and it's amazing!! I can't stop thinking about the characters. Thank you for writing such a wonderful story. Are you going to have a sequel to this book? Or a similar book coming out anytime soon? You have us hooked!

    1. Hi, Lina! I'm so glad you enjoyed Walks Alone! I do have plans for a second book, but not anytime soon, I'm afraid. It's on the back burner. Not sure if you're aware, I recently had a battle with cancer. I'm now in remission, but it's taking a while to get all my ducks back in order. :-)

      If you're interested, you might want to read my other books. They're not romances, although, they do have romance in them. I always have to have romance in my books. :-) They're on the right of my blog.

      Bless you!


  3. Oh! I'm so sorry to hear that :( I will pray that God heals you entirely!
    I did read The Master's Wall. Great book! Next on the list is Yahshua's Bridge :)
    Stay strong Sandi! Best wishes to you.
    God bless you!

  4. Dear Sandi,
    I've just finished your book David's Belofte (Yes I'm Dutch), and really was overwhelmed by your writing style and realistic characters.
    I hope Our heavenly Father will give you the strength to survive the cancer, and going on to spread HIS love for this world.
    I'm surly planning to read more of your books, just hope the are available in the local Library!
    Back in Holland, I live with my husband and 5 kids in the green hart of my lovely land.
    To give you some courage I would like to send you this Poet from a Dutch writer from the past:
    Die mijns harten vrede zijt....
    En de eenig ware ruste,
    Rein bron van klare lusten,
    Zuivere zon van zaligheid-
    Laat mij willen en niet willen,
    Wat Gij wilt en niet en wilt,
    Blijde gaande door het stille
    leven in Uw vree verstild.
    Buiten U is niets dan strijd,
    Niets dan moeiten, niets dan zorgen-
    Laat mij, in Uw rust geborgen,
    Slapen gaan in eeuwigheid.

    Jacqueline van der Waals
    I hope you still can read Dutch, otherwise let me now, so I can try to translate it for you.
    Gods Blessing for You and your beloved family.
    A warm greeting from Miranda van Mil