Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Persecution of the Early Church

Working on a difficult scene in my book. It's amazing what I've uncovered in research. Keep in mind, the following is a REAL letter written by Pliny (a Roman citizen) to Trajan (the emperor at the time)
in the late first and early second century. Trajan is seen below. I wonder if the statue Pliny used resembled this one in any way. All a part of my research. Whew!

“…this is the line I have taken with all persons brought before me on the charge of being Christians. I have asked them in person if they are Christians, and if
they admit it, I repeat the question a second and third time, with a warning of
the punishment awaiting them. If they persist, I order them to be led away for
execution . . . .”

“Amongst these I considered that I should dismiss any who denied that they were or ever had been Christians when they had repeated after me a formula of invocation to the gods and had made offerings of wine and incense to your statue (which I had ordered to be brought into court for this purpose along with the images of the gods), and furthermore had reviled the name of Christ: none of which things, I understand, any genuine Christian can be induced to do.”

Our brothers and sisters suffered a lot in their day. Sometimes I wonder if this might happen to us again. 

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