Tuesday, December 13, 2011

PSA from Alison Strobel

Hey friends of Sandi's! I'm popping back in to let you know that Phase 2 of the fundraiser for Sandi's cancer treatments has begun! We've got five great gift cards (Applebee's, California Pizza Kitchen, and Amazon.com!) to raffle off this week, and on Saturday we're drawing for a Kindle Fire or Nook Color! Tickets this time around are only $2--how cheap is that?!

If you donated the first time around, I thank you profusely. Please know we don't expect you to donate again. What we'd love, though, is for you to spread the word a little more--tweet it, Facebook it, blog it, email it--so we can get the word out to even more people. Include this URL (http://fundraiserforsandirog.blogspot.com/2011/12/phase-2-commence.html) so folks know what's going on. We'll start the drawings tonight at 10PM, so if you *are* going to donate again (or for the first time!) please do it soon so you can get in on the action. You're entered into the raffle automatically when you donate; no need to come back to the blog and comment anywhere like last time.

Thanks again for all the love you've shown Sandi through this fundraiser. I can't wait to see the amount of that check on Christmas Eve!

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