Wednesday, September 24, 2014


So . . . despite being such a mess, here's something I've come up with that I realized I should share with all of you.

In my quest to rediscover myself, I started this new blog titled THE LORD'S LADY. If you want to know what this blog is all about, how it got its title, etc. just click on the link above to learn more.

I was at first very excited about this endeavor, and one of my amazing writer friends, Roseanna White, designed the header for it. (I've had so much support from so many people, it's mind boggling!) Anyway, I've written a few posts for it, and maybe I'll share some of them here. But there's a part of me that thinks maybe I need to just stick to "teaching" the "word" in my novels. It comes more naturally to me that way. It's a more "personal" situation that way too. I'm also much better at one-on-one Bible studies, verses teaching to a multitude of women from several backgrounds, understanding and knowledge, I'm almost overwhelmed with how I can reach or touch so many lives on so many levels. Where does one start?

I'm learning, it's one thing to "know" something, but it's a completely different story when trying to "teach" or "explain" what you know or have learned to someone else. In many ways, it's just like writing a book. As writers, we've got to make sure we "show" the reader every aspect of a scene: setting, characters, emotion, etc. so they know where they're at, both physically and internally. But when imparting "knowledge" or "wisdom" (which I'm still a LONG WAYS in learning these things myself, so please realize I'm not thinking "I know better") it's different. In fact, I'm hoping we can learn from each other. There's so much I have to learn and discover. That's what The Lord's Lady is all about.

Either way, I've got a gazillion "ideas" for posts for this new blog, and I'll just see where it leads. At the moment, my favorite post is titled DON'T CLING TO PAPER NAILS if any of you would like to read it. And if you'd like to read the other posts, I'd be thrilled. Again, I really don't "know it all." I just LOVE talking about God's word and discovering His Truths and sharing His Truths.

As my seven-year-old daughter likes to say, "God is such a GOOD Person! He is so BIG and He's even bigger than our house! I just love Him, Mommy." Yes, those are her words. She has a lot to be grateful for since He allowed her mommy to stick around a bit longer. He's all she talks about.

I often thank God for letting me live. So often! When I get to witness conversations like the one above, when I get to teach my son a new lesson about life, when I get to sit and read a story to my youngest, when I get to run my two older daughters from school to work, I thank God that He let me live! During this process, however, I also recall the story of Hezekiah in the Bible and how he was sick, but God gave him sixteen more years, and during those sixteen years, he completely blew it and pretty much handed God's people over to the enemy. Anyway, when I thank God for letting me live, I also ask him to help me NOT be like Hezekiah. Gulp! I really don't trust myself. After all, if Hezekiah can blow it, not to mention David, Solomon, ETC, (and these folks had close communication with God!), how much better could I possibly do? So, yeah. I pray that as well.

Okay . . .

Sometimes I feel like there's so much in my head that I have to get it all OUT. So, I guess my braincells aren't completely fried. Right?

Enough rambling. I hope you like THE LORD'S LADY.


  1. I have more than one blog, so let me try another address.
    Yesterday I attempted to answer your question about my page on Roy Davison's Webpage, but the link was stripped. If you have a minute, search for Beth (Finch) Johnson in the archives.

  2. Recently another blogger was writing about maintaining bonds with parents when divorce divided the family. Her father, at age 80+, had spent most of his life in prison, but she still maintained a relationship with him and visited him often. Her story was called "The Prisoner's Daughter," a beautiful told biographical chapter in her life.

    1. Interesting. We have something in common. My dad is in prison right now, and he actually become a Christian the first time he was in prison. You can read my story on The Lord's Lady titled "Convicted." It's under the "My Story" tab.