Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm reading another great book!

One of my favorite books is Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. I'd say that's my favorite story above all stories. Didn't I already say that? Anyway, it's very romantic and really the best. Did I say it's my favorite? It's so awesome, I've read it more than once and watched the movie a gazillion times (the long mini-series version with Colin Firth). My kids have it memorized. E-hem. Not to their joy, either.

I take it by now you all know how much I love P&P. :-)

Well, I'm reading The Apothecary's Daughter by a fairly new author, Julie Klassen. Her work reminds me a little of P&P in that it's Regency romance. I'm only on Chapter Six, but I must say, I'm thoroughly enjoying it! I find myself thinking of the characters, anxious to get back to them, hoping and wondering what's going to happen. It's nice to look forward to reading a book!

When I'm finished, I'll let you all know what I think.

Anyone here read any good books lately?

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  1. Too many to count, but I do love P&P. I have several versions of the movie, but my fave is also A&E's.
    Right now I'm actually reading Neil Simon's memoir and it's really good and funny. I don't do funny enough, so I'm enjoying it.
    I have a book review of my latest historical/fantasy on my blog. It was actually a YA, to boot. Called The Wandering Warrior.