Sunday, November 1, 2009

Excerpt from The Master's Wall

I thought it might be fun to share an excerpt from my novel The Master's Wall.

This is a special scene to me for a number of reasons. I hope it touches you as well. The wall that David and Alethea are sitting on is about ten feet high. It surrounds the villa where David is enslaved. This wall is supposed to keep people in and keep people out. There's something humorous about that fact in this scene. This is their secret place.

Here's a book jacket description for you, followed by the excerpt.

Rome 80 A.D.

After watching Roman soldiers drag his parents away to their death, David, a young Hebrew, is sold and enslaved to serve at a villa outside of Rome. David trains to become a great fighter. He works hard to please his master and hopes to earn his freedom. However, an opportunity to escape tempts David with its whispering call. Freedom beckons, but invisible chains hold him captive to the master's granddaughter, an innocent girl with a fiery spirit. David vows to protect Alethea from his master, the murderous patriarch, and contrives a daring plan--sacrifice his own life to save hers.


"Well, I'm glad I don't have any sin." Alethea swung her legs as she sat on the wall. She thought to scoot in closer to David so her arm might brush against his. Instead, she basked in his scent of leather and pine.

David rested his elbows on his knees and watched her, but Alethea avoided his gaze.

"No one is without sin." He leaned toward her. "No one."

She glanced at him from the corner of her eye, but quickly refocused her attention on the horizon. "It doesn't make sense." She shrugged. "Why make someone die when he could clap his hands and say, 'Your sins are forgiven,' and be done with it?"

David stared at her for a while, his mouth closed as if tasting her words.

Shifting under his scrutinizing gaze, she leaned forward and watched the birds soar and dance on the air in front of them.

A gentle breeze caressed her cheek as David lifted her chin. He forced her to look at him. His blue eyes fixated on hers.

"Passion," he said.

Alethea took a long shuddering breath.

"What shows greater love?" He continued to hold her chin. "Someone who sacrifices himself to save your life, or just claps his hands?"

Thanks for reading and allowing me to share. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Do you have a special scene in your own work that touches you?


  1. Ooh. I like his reply. Really good, Sandi!

  2. That is sooo good. Passion, I had never thought of that. Wouldn't that make a good Ladies Day topic?

  3. Krysti and Katt, thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to read my excerpt. :-)I'm glad you liked it!

  4. Okay, I had like 50 visitors to this site just today! And only two commented. Umm, is that a bad sign?

  5. Ooooh you said it so well...passion. One word says it all.

  6. i never thought of it that way. But my goodness, I believe you're right. :) Puts things into an entirely different perspective for me. And as for your writing---lovely. Crisp, clean prose. I could envision the setting, feel the breeze, smell the scents. I felt what the characters were feeling. Bang on, girl. Awesome writing. Keep it up

  7. Ooooh! This gave me chills, Sandi! Your writing really grabs your reader. I want to read the rest of this story . . . NOW!

  8. Donna, Christine, and Rhonda: Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment! I'm curling up in those compliments as if they were a warm blanket on a cold winter day. :-)

    I found out that several folks were having difficulty leaving a comment, but I think the problem is finally fixed.

    Again, thanks for reading.

  9. .... if I get to choose, it's not the clapping hands thing!!

    Love that I am His, all His, forever His. Love His smell, Love finding evidence of where He's been and love that he enjoys who I am; who He created me to be.

    Love your parallel. Bring it on

  10. ps. a lot of people would find it very hard to comment on a 'authors' site .... !

  11. wow, very powerful excerpt! It is my first time on your blog, is this book published yet?

  12. Sande, well, thank you for "daring" to comment on my site. LOL :-) Really, your comments are appreciated!

    Bookwurm70, thanks so much for stopping by! Welcome! I'm afraid this book isn't published yet. I have yet to hear from two publishers about it. So, keep your fingers crossed and the prayers coming! :-)