Monday, November 30, 2009

Sleepwalking: A silly bike story

One morning I climbed out of bed to take my two-year-old to preschool. I'd enrolled her in preschool so she'd pick up on the Dutch language (I spoke English at home). So, I fed her, got her dressed and loaded her on the bike. I dropped her off, and right across the street was the grocery store--the Albert Heijn.  There were some items I needed, so I decided to head on over there. In the photo above, you can't see the preschool, but it's on the right, across the street. Because it was so close, I decided to walk.

I crossed the street, pushing my bike, and then I went into the store. As I walked along, a man looked at me, looked away, then looked at me again. Surely, my hair and clothes weren't in that bad of shape. Yes, I'd just crawled out of bed, or felt like I had, but there was no call for anyone to take extra notice of me. Another couple walked by and gave me a strange look. Well, maybe I did look pretty bad. Finally, one woman's eyes darted downward and rested on me, or whatever it was she saw, so I also looked down. To my surprise, I was still pushing my bike! I'd walked my bike into the grocery store.

I chuckled and managed to get the words out in Dutch, "I'm not awake yet." It think it was my first official Dutch joke. The woman laughed, so it must have worked. Well, I managed to get the bike turned around and parked it outside where it belonged. After that, I was definitely awake.

I thought of adding a little "sermon" to this sleepwalking expedition, something along the lines of, "How often are we spiritually sleepwalking?" But I don't feel like preaching today. Maybe you all can come up with something. If it's not a spiritual comparison, that's okay too. :-)

Had any wake-up calls lately?


  1. This story made me laugh...Oh gosh you call it sleep walking, and as you just got out of bed thats probably how it felt. I call it day dreaming....I do it constantly. Once I arrived at the bank to see my reflection in the tellers window and realised I hadn't put my eyebrow pencil on... This was years ago and with rushing children off to school I had bearly looked in the mirror to wash my face and comb my hair let alone apply some colour to my fair brows and lashes.
    Standing in the bank line that morning reality hit, then I screamed and proclamed to all, "I forgot my eyebrows!" Amid many astonished stares I felt so embarrassed.
    Needless to say I couldn't await to get out of there and get back home......It never happened again! LOL

  2. Crystal Mary,

    Your story cracked me up! Too funny! LOL Thanks for making me laugh. :-)