Thursday, February 3, 2011

Update: Donors

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted. Just too tired to write anything. But I've been doing well the last three days, so that's good!

I don't know how many of you know this, but my lovely sister, Kelli, moved out here from California to be here for me. She's my "little sister" (four years younger). That's her on the right. Isn't she pretty? Anyway, she's terrified of needles and doctors, but she submitted herself to allowing the doc to draw TWELVE viles of blood so he could test her to see if she would be a match for me.

You see, at the end of this whole chemo run, I'll have to undergo a bone marrow transplant. Well, that means I need a donor. But, after watching her undergo the blood-draw, I said, "There's no way you're gonna be able to do this!" and the nurses agreed! LOL Anyway, not long after that, I started having nightmares about her having a heart attack if she were a match, sigh! She said she'd do it no matter what. She felt it was the least she could do if it meant saving my life. And she would have, but it turns out . . .

she isn't a match.

Thank you for trying, Kelli Belly. xxx

When I learned that Kelli wasn't a match, I was then told that they had actually found THREE people in the world who DO match me a full ten out of ten!

These three donors have already come forward to have their blood tested, and the docs say they'll most likely follow through with the donation because when they go that far, they usually go all the way. These are all young, healthy men (21, 26 and 26). Two are from Europe and the youngest one is from the US. I asked if it would cause "problems" getting bone marrow from a man since I'm a woman (don't want any hair growing where it doesn't belong; although, I don't think I can complain about having too much hair right now). The doc said a male donor was actually better then a female donor. Apparently, if a woman just happened to be pregnant (even for a few weeks and lost the baby), it can cause problems because they had another human being inside of them. Interesting, huh?

All I know is when I found out that they found THREE donors, I wept for thirty minutes nonstop. I didn't realize how much I was stressed about this. I just bawled like a baby, thanking God for such GOOD NEWS (Lord knows, I needed it!), and full of relief that there are people out there who are generous enough to do this for someone, for a perfect stranger! I never knew people like this existed. It touches me deeply and makes me want to cry all over again.

Thank You God! Thank You for these people! xxx


  1. Oh, Sandi!! Yay!! I'm praising God right along with ya, sister! That's fantastic news! So happy for you!
    Oh, and I finished your book (doesn't take long when you tell yourself - "Ok, I have time for one more chapter, and you end up reading three!) :-) EXCELLENT!! Loved it!! Well worth the wait all these years because, yes, I definately remember sitting in your house in Holland when you told me about this book! (Loved that you asked that when you signed it! So fun!) Just too bad I didn't quite have it done in time to join in on the discussion. I did save all those emails, though, so now I'll go back and read what everyone had to say.
    Love ya, Sandi! And so very excited about your awesome news!!

  2. In the midst of your terrible storm, God is shining His light of comfort through Kelli (what a sister!) and your three potential donors. Many blessings and prayers sent your way, Sandi.


  3. Sandi, so thankful for your update and the wonderful news! You're in our thoughts and prayers continually. AND if you need more "Susie's"--let us know--we're there. . .
    In His love and ours, Bobbe and John
    PS, Yes your Lil Sis--is gorgeous like her big Sis!

  4. Sandi,

    Again, I am so sorry you are having to go through this. Thanks for the update. I pray for you, and am confident that God is faithful in his dealings with us. What a precious sister you have!

  5. Over twenty-five years ago my brother required a bone-marrow transplant. None of us were matches and a match was never found in the registry. Your post really blessed me. I'm so thrilled that this program has gone so far that they were able to find three matches. What a miracle from God!

  6. That is so awesome! I signed up last semester to be a bone marrow donor. I was inspired by my friend's mom, who donated bone marrow and saved a man's life. I am not a huge fan of needles, but anytime I give blood I just remind myself that if Jesus can die on a cross for me (and the WHOLE world), the least I can do is to help someone else out! I'm so glad God has blessed you with three matches! That is awesome!!

  7. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow. And what wonderful news and isn't God's timing perfect!! Love ya lots. You're in my prayers. Cecily

  8. What an answer to prayer. And yes, Kelly is beautiful.

    Continuing to pray, always.

  9. Awesome news! Our prayers are with you and your family.

  10. This is such AMAZING news! Bless those three men, and bless you, Sandi! xoxo

  11. Rejoicing with you! May it go completely problem-free.

    And despite what the doctors say, watch out for all that male DNA going in. You may begin needing to scratch in odd places, watch Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, and have a Cave in which to do woodworking, restore a 58 Chevy, start your own smelting business, and other really bizarre things.

  12. LOL Deb. You crack me up. Thanks for the good laugh!

    And thank you everyone else for your words of encouragement and prayers!

    I'm feeling good about this. i'm trusting the Lord is providing. I don't think He'd find these guys for nothing. :-)

    Lots of hugs to all of you! xxx

  13. Hey Sandi,

    Just noticed that I never signed my post above, the first one from "anonymous"! Hope you could figure out it was me! ;-) Sometimes I can be a bit slow with noticing things like that!! :-)

    Love ya and still praying for you!

  14. I hope and pray that we hear from you soon how you are feeling and what is new with your health. Jer. 32:27 is one of my fav. verses in the Holy Word Of God and I hope that it lifts your spirits that God is always with us.

    Love in Jesus Name
    Judi =)