In 1978 my youngest daughter was born with a Stage 5 cancerous tumor ("Fibrous Sarcoma") on her lower back close to her spinal cord. The Doctors told us there was little hope for her survival. As the tumor had already begun to attach itself to her spine and once it entered into her spinal fluid it would spread throughout her body. The only thing they said they could do was to perform an emergency operation on her to remove the tumor. However they said that chances were 80% or better that the tumor would return. And if it did return she had absolutely no chance of survival.

So at just 1 1/2 months old she underwent a 4 hour surgery to remove the tumor. In the meantime I went to the public library and started reading anything I could find about alternative treatments for cancer. That is when I came across "World Without Cancer" by G. Edward Griffin at the Atlanta Public Library. As soon as my daughter returned home after her surgery, my wife and I followed the books instructions and began feeding her ground up Apricot kernels in her baby cereal every morning. We continued to do so until she was 3 years old. The cancer never returned and she is now a healthy 29 year old mother of 3.

Later, the Doctors told us that they were actually 100% sure that her cancer would return. Because Fibrous Sarcoma was such a virulent form of cancer that if they missed even a single microscopic cell it would re-propagate and kill her. But they didn't want to tell us that, because they wanted us to have some hope. Her Doctors also scoffed at us for feeding our infant daughter the Apricot kernels. 3 years later when she was still cancer free they were no longer scoffing at us.