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I'm so excited! I came across these testimonials for B17. I added them to my tab above, but you can read them here too! Yay!

The following are testimonies taken from M.D. John A. Richardson’s book “Laetrile Case Histories: The Richardson Cancer Clinic Experience.” You can buy it on Amazon if you want it. You can also get an entire package for less from

Dr. Richardson’s clinic, who treated these patients with Laetrile, was shut down by the FDA.


Man : patient "M136TB"
Age when cancer was detected : 17
Year of diagnose : 1975
Statistical life expectancy : less than a year
Life extension : alive and well after 30 years in 2005

After having undergone chemotherapy for five months, without success - since another spot showed up - the parents decided to decide into laetrile as an alternative. The patient describes his reaction to the course of the therapy in these words : "I was treated like I was just as normal as anyone walking on this earth - what I mean is, they didn't treat me like I was deathly sick, but they treated me like I was going to get well. "


Name : John Peterson
Age when cancer was detected : 61
Year of diagnose : 1973
Statistical life expectancy : a year
Life extension : 13 years, died at age 74 in 1986

The patient related in a letter what the next few weeks after diagnose were like for him : "I was in constant, unrelenting pain, my body jerked in spasms, there was some rectal bleeding, and I became so weak I could hardly rise from a chair and walk. At this time, I learned from friends where I could get Laetrile treatment. My wife drove the car, the one and one-half-hour drive to the San Francisco Bay area where I received my first injection of Laetrile, October 25, 1973. I was too weak to drive, in fact I passed out in the car both going and returning from these first daily treatments. Improvement was apparent within the days and in about thirty days I was driving the car myself. I was again looking forward to each new sunrise with anticipation of some pleasure in being alive."


Woman : patient "M110MX"
Age when cancer was detected : 50
Year of diagnose : 1974
Life extension : 19 years; died at age 70 in 1993

Laetrile treatment prevented the removal of the left breast, as suggested by her original physician.


Woman : patient "H132I"
Age when cancer was detected : 59
Year of diagnose : 1973
Life extension : 27 years; died at age 86 in 2000


Name : Lorraine Ford
Age when cancer was detected : 60
Year of diagnose : 1974
Statistical life expectancy : 6 months
Life extension : 5 years; died at age 65 in 1979

Tried first chemotherapy, to no avail.


Name : Lorette Lau
Age when cancer was detected : 61
Year of diagnose : 1975
Statistical life expectancy : a year
Life extension : 22 years; died at age 83 in 1997


Woman : patient "A156JC"
Year of diagnose : 1973
Metabolic treatment started : 1974
Life extension : alive and well after 31 years in 2005

The patient first drank an "atomic cocktail", which produced a slow recovery, but after six months her health went downhill : "I lost about thirty pounds. I had dark yellow skin and dark around my eyes. I was constantly tired. I slept a great deal and felt sleepy the rest of the time. It was around this time I first heard of Laetrile. I felt the treatments I had been receiving were ineffective, and so I chose to come to the Richardson Clinic. Dr. Richardson did not make any promises to me, but within ten days of beginning nutritional therapy and Laetrile, I noticed considerable improvement. My eyes and skin returned to their normal color. I stopped losing weight, the terrible tired feeling left, as did the pain... Friends and relatives who have watched my progress are amazed at how well I look... We've had a number of cases of cancer in my family on both sides. I am the only one who has taken Laetrile and I am the only one who has survived. "


Name : Thelma Mosca
Age when cancer was detected : 55
Year of diagnose : 1975
Statistical life expectancy : 3 months
Life extension : alive 2 years later; not traceable in 2005

After discovery of cancer in the Kaiser Hospital in Oakland, California, a surgery was planned. Mrs. Mosca decided to cancel it, since her mother died after surgery and radiation, and told her she would never do it again. After watching the Tom Snyder TV show she learned to know about Laetrile, and contacted the Richardson Clinic. Only fourteen days after starting metabolic therapy, pathology report from a Pap smear revealed : "Class 1 negative. No atypical cells present [cancer no longer present]".

In a letter to the Richardson clinic, Mrs. Mosca wrote : "When my doctor [the one who recommended surgery] asked me if I knew how painful death from cancer would be, I said yes I knew. My mother had breast cancer. She was butchered and burned and died a slow and painful death. We had to keep her arm in ice packs twenty-four hours a day because of cobalt burns. My mother was not helped or saved. That is precisely why I rejected surgery and radiation. "


Naam : Ben Reynolds
Age when cancer was detected : 63
Year of diagnose : 1973
Life extension : 6 years; died at age 69 in 1979

Mr. Reynolds started with chemotherapy but switched rapidly to. This is why he chose Laetrile : "I took chemotherapy for three days only. I had started metabolic therapy on July 23 and 24 [1973] and then submitted [for the last time] to the chemotherapy on July 27, 1973. Mixed up ? Yes. But, then what does one do for cancer treatment when one knows nothing to start with ? It took only a few minutes reading the Physician's Desk Reference on the third day I was on chemotherapy to know what I wanted to do and what I did not want to do. This is what the book had to say about my drugs : "Ovocen (Vincristine): Mode of action is unknown but under investigation... Extreme care must be used in calculating the dose... Overdosing may have a serious or fatal outcome." Cytoxan : "Its mechanism of action is not known". Nor did I want Prednisone, about which I read more of the same. I was not ready to die, not from cancer and certainly not from the poisons they were going to give me, so I wouldn't die from cancer. "


Name : Shane Horton
Age when cancer was detected : 6
Year of diagnose : 1973
Life expectancy : 6 to 9 months
Life extension : alive and well after 32 years in 2005

This little boy was six years old when his symptoms began. He was so weak he couldn't stand on his own legs and had to see Disneyland from a wheelchair... Osteosarcoma of the right humerus [right upper arm bone] and the third lumbar vertebra (spine) was discovered, when the kid couldn't lift his right arm. The hospital summary of the Mercy Hospital, Sacramento, California, in November 9, 1973, stated : "It would appear that this unfortunate child has already distant metastases from his primary tumor. In all likelihood he will develop evidence of metastases elsewhere in the very near future... pulmonary metastases are so common with metastatic osteogenic sarcoma. Unfortunately the patient is not a candidate for curative therapy and the primary question is how best to palliate this child to maintain him in a functional pain-free state for as long as possible. "

Instead of palliative treatment the parents of Shane chose Laetrile.

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I'm on YouTube!

Well, I finally did it! I put my story on YouTube. I was very nervous, TERRIFIED really, making this video (you can see it on my face in the beginning), but it's the best I can do for now. LOL Please pass it on to your friends, and "like" it on YouTube to attract more views!

Also, now some of you who only know me online will get to see what I look like and hear what I sound like!


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Congratulations on winning Katt Anderson's book CALLIE'S MOUNTAIN!

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I’ve been a bit B17 obsessed, just a bit, maybe only a kernel, really. And I’ve fallen behind on some of my promises. So to get back to work, I would like to introduce a new author, KATT ANDERSON, and her debut novel CALLIE'S MOUNTAIN.

My review:

Callie Trent arrives by wagon train in the Tennessee Mountains only to be told by her father she has to marry a man she's never met, the handsome Jacob McGinnis. Despite his daring strength and ability to keep the settlers safe from Indians and kidnappers, she wants nothing to do with him. After all, how can she ever find her own true love if she's forced to marry someone she doesn't even know?

If you like to read about the early settlers, survival in the wilderness and what it was like to live in a fort, not to mention Indian fights, and an introduction to a race of people few of us know exist, this is the book for you!

Katt, welcome! 

When did you first realize your calling to write?

I’ve wanted to write since elementary school. I didn’t have any idea how to go about it until I met a friend who was an author. She showed me I could write, and helped me with the process of getting started.

What inspired you to write
 Callie’s Mountain? 

The story of the Melungeon people has been dear to me for a long time. They were so mistreated by the white people. I guess I feel for the downtrodden people. I’d much rather write about people who are lifted up from the depths of hurt.

We were researching our family tree, along with my cousin’s husband. My husband found information about our family that we had not heard of before. Believe me, it was a wild family. With his discovery, we realized we had Melungeon blood in our veins, from my father’s mother. My father and his siblings bore distinct characteristics of the Melungeon race. I tried to use native Melungeon names in the book, but it isn’t about anyone in particular.

 Callie’s Mountain has been quite a journey for you. Do you care to talk about it?

Callie’s Mountain has had a lot of starts and stops. The book has been with me, and a part of my life, for seven years. I started writing for therapy after my father’s death. I wrote off and on while caring for my mother. Callie wouldn’t let me alone, and I continued to write. 

There have been a lot of discouragements, mostly from agents and publishers. We all have them if we desire to write. I have persevered. It’s made me a better person and a better writer. 

What is
 Callie’s Mountain about? What time period is it set in? What makes it stand out?

Callie’s Mountain is set in the hills of Tennessee, around Rogersville, in 1798. It is a love and hate story. Callie’s father tells her he has arranged a marriage for her with Jacob McGinnis. She’s never met him, and she rebels. First on her agenda is to teach school. Then she wants to find her “own true love.” The wagon train they are traveling across the mountains in is attacked by three strange men, the first introduction of the Melungeons. Jacob runs them off, but it doesn’t impress Callie. 

She becomes close to one Melungeon family, and teaches them to read and write. The store owner raised prices when he sold anything to the Melungeons. He is killed by Indians, who he also cheated, before they have a chance to approach him with their knowledge.

There are Indian attacks, Callie likes Jacob, then doesn’t. I think there’s a lot of action. 

To me the story of the Lost Race, the Melungeons, makes it stand out. Very few books have been written about these people, and I want them to be portrayed as the sweet, wonderful people they are.

What about this new publishing company Mantle Rock?

When I was having trouble being published, my dear friend and author, Sandi Rog, encouraged me to start my own company and self-publish. My husband, Jerry and I decided this was the way publication was going. It’s hard to be published in a large publishing company. It takes years to see your book in print. Mantle Rock Publishing can publish your book for you with no cost to you, and in months instead of years. The only thing we ask is you have it edited before it comes to us. We want a perfect manuscript. We can then have it printed on Kindle and in paperback. You will receive a commission when the book is sold. We will also help you market your book by helping you with blogs, interviews, and other ways of marketing. Of course, you have to do a lot of the leg work. Callie’s Mountain is being printed now in paperback. If anyone has other questions, they can contact me at kathycret at yahoo dot com.

What other releases do you have coming out?

Susannah’s Hope is scheduled to be released in January, 2013. Susannah is a brat in Callie’s Mountain. She goes through a lot of changes in the beginning of the story. She takes a complete 360 degree turn when her father dies and she is left to manage the store. Dr. Val Minor befriends her. There are no Indian attacks, but a smallpox epidemic. This book also involves mixed marriages between Melungeon and Caucasian. It really happened in that time.

After that is Emily’s Faith. Emily is the daughter of Callie and Jacob McGinnis. This will involve the Trail of Tears and be set in Hopkinsville, KY. After all, I live in Kentucky now and the Trail of Tears is part of our area. It is also a love story between Emily and a part Melungeon man. I think it will be a sad book to write because of all the things that happened to the Cherokee Indians. I am enjoying the research.

In the fall, I hope to finish
 Gilded Winter. I may change the name to Golden Winter. Haven’t decided yet. It’s set in 1908 on Jekyll Island. It’s the end of the Gilded Era, and Jekyll was a winter haven for the rich. It’s about four employees on the island. It’s a lighter book than the Melungeon stories. 

After that, I have several running around in my head. I pray God lets me live long enough to tell them.

A lot of the process of my writing is on my blog, My website is I also write another blog for teen girls. I invite you to stop by You may also check out Mantel Rock Publishing at

Thanks for having me on your blog. I’ve enjoyed being here. Thank you to the readers who have taken time to read the blog. I pray you will enjoy my humble endeavors to tell my story.

Katt, it was so interesting to learn about the Melungeons. Thank you so much for joining us! And folks, if you want an enjoyable romantic read, get your hands on Callie’s Mountain. And if you wish to be entered into this fabulous giveaway, leave a comment below with your email address written like so sandirog at gmail dot com. GOOD LUCK!

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