Friday, March 8, 2013

Looking for CHARLES BIG WOLF, my brother


I got your email, and I replied but the message didn't go through. I'm hoping that since you found me on my website, you can find me again here. Please email me at sandirog at gmail dot com. Use the "at" symbol when typing out my email. I don't put it on here because it attracts spammers. I hope to hear from you! And if I do, I'll resend you my message.


a.k.a. Falling Star

To those who are wondering what this might be about, Charlie was the first Cheyenne to read my book WALKS ALONE. He was touched by it and adopted me into his family as his sister. He gave me the name Falling Star, which is a great honor bestowed by Charles Big Wolf, and I'm thrilled to have a Cheyenne name and be a member of his family. :-)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Here’s the reaction of the first inmate who received his Bible. This was sent by my dad, so please excuse some of the bluntness of the email, and instead look at the message. 

**I saw him going to chow and he said he got the bible!! He told me he'd see me after pill line and show it to me. So, he found me. We looked through it and he confided that he had had some tears. :) Then I went and got my insulin shot, we got permission to use a chapel room (which is a FIRST!) and then I ran to my unit and got my bible. When I came back I needed to pee so I dropped my bible on the table he had set up and went to pee and noticed that he must have been in prayer. When I got back, I noticed his eyes were red. He'd been overcome with happiness and tears.We both love this edition, and it is the NASB 95 update -- same as mine. Sandi, thanks so much for doing this for him. You are to be blessed! I hope the other bibles are NASB as well.** 

And they are. :-) Thank you everyone for making this moment possible.