Monday, December 3, 2012


As you can see, my blog has become less cluttered. I created a new blog for all my cancer information. So, if you're interested in learning about how I beat cancer with vitamin B17, just click on the tab above!

Now this blog can get back to B@@KS!


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Saturday, December 1, 2012


As  you ALL know, I'm B17 obsessed. It's kind of hard not to be, since it was this that saved my life. Does that mean I don't give credit to my Lord and Savior? By all means, NO! After all, B17 is a concentrated form of GOD'S apricot seeds! HE is my Great Physician. HE is the one who SAVED MY LIFE through HIS MEDICINE. I have no doubt this healing has come because of the thousands of prayers that went up on my behalf. Absolutely, NONE. God is the one to be glorified in all of this, not B17 (an inanimate object). It's important that all of you know this because I don't think I've been making this clear. And I'm truly sorry for that. My God deserves to by GLORIFIED. He's the one who brought me through this, who carried me, and has met me on the other side.

My obsession of B17 comes, not because it's my "god," but because I want others to experience the same healing I have! Hence, why I'm desperate to get the word out to as many people as I can. There's too little information out there about this. GOD has provided a means for us to be healed! Therefore, I'm sharing the news.

Personally, I have more faith in God's healing through the amazing foods He has created than I do in the man-made, synthetic drugs money has to offer. Hence, another reason I'm B17 obsessed. God is my healer, and he's also BIGGER than Big Pharma and the FDA, and ALL THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD PUT TOGETHER! He will protect me as I stand up for Him and HIS medicine.

No, I don't deny that I'm obsessed. But I'm also OBSESSED about my God, and THIS HEALING has come FROM HIM! Hence, another reason for my excitement!

Please keep in mind, it's just been over a month that I discovered (after a TWO YEAR HEART-WRENCHING BATTLE) that my fight is FINALLY OVER! That I am finally FREE of cancer! I have GOD to THANK FOR IT! Believe me, I'm thanking Him! Perhaps I haven't voiced this enough, and deep down, I feared I might not have been sharing my appreciation for my Father enough, and my deep gratitude for the amazing miracle He has given me. Please forgive me my brothers and sisters if you missed that. I believe God should be glorified because of this!

Now back to being obsessed. I'm asking for your patience because some have said I'm gonna lose my friends over being so B17 happy, and others have said I shouldn't forget my family in all this, and others have said they feared B17 was becoming my golden calf. Please know, my motivation is not to glorify this vitamin. It is simply to HELP OTHERS FIND HEALING, which I believe God WANTS me to do. I believe it would be a sin if I didn't share. How in the world could I keep this to myself?! How can anyone keep such a HUGE discovery to themselves? Honestly, I think God allowed this to happen to me because He knew I wouldn't keep quiet about it! And as for my family, they're as obsessed as I am, so we're ALL spreading the wonderful news! But also know, I will eventually calm down, relax and talk about other things in my life---eventually. Just give me time.

So with that in mind, know I love you all for helping to "keep me in line," and know I do give God the glory for my healing and believe HE is the ONE WHO HEALED ME (after all, who invented apricot seeds, and have I not mentioned more than once Genesis 1:29?), and know I will eventually move back into normalcy.

I won't stop spreading the word as long as it can help someone else and as long as I have a mouth. In the future, I might not be quite so fanatic about it, but that doesn't mean I'll not tell others about it when they ask. Just give me time to get this immense excitement out of my system. K?

Thank you for your love and understanding. I LOVE YOU ALL! xxx


I just found a bottle of B17 for a lot less than I buy it for on Amazon. I just bought two new bottles on Amazon, and I WISH I'd known about these prices before I bought the last two. SIGH

Here's the link. This is a brand I trust.