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Allow me to introduce a writer who has passion: ROSEANNA WHITE. A Stray Drop of Blood has been close to Roseanna's heart since she was fifteen. Writers should write what they're passionate about, not just for the market. You see, passion shows. When a reader picks up a book written from the heart, they see, hear, feel, touch and taste the believability of the characters, the intricacies of the setting, the depth of the story. What the writer puts down on the page becomes an intimate part of the reader. And that's how Roseanna writes!

The following review for A Stray Drop of Blood took my breath away. After reading this, tell me this author wasn't touched by Roseanna's passion.

"Haunting and powerful are two words that come to mind at the close of reading Roseanna M. White’s debut novel, A Stray Drop of Blood. Not since Francine Rivers’ Mark of the Lion trilogy has a book and its characters captured me so completely. From its rich, historical prose that depicts the era of Christ with startling reality, to a compelling love story that will both jolt and seize your heart, this is one of those rare novels that haunts you centuries beyond the last page. Amid the seething unrest of Roman tyranny and Hebrew uprising, a spell-binding saga unfolds, unleashing startling twists of both fate and heart that will leave you utterly breathless." ~Julie Lessman, author of A Passion Most Pure


Beautiful is a dangerous thing to be when one is unprotected.

For seven years, Abigail has been a slave in the visibullis house. With a Hebrew mistress and a Roman master, she has always been more family than servant . . . until their son returns to Jerusalem after his years in Rome. Within a few months Jason has taken her to his bed and turned her world upsidedown. Maybe, given time, she can come to love him as he says he loves her. But how does she open her heart to the man who ruined her?

Israel's unrest finds a home in her bosom, but their rebellion tears apart her world. Death descends with Barabbas's sword, and Abigail is determined to be there when the criminal is punished. But when she ventures to the trial, Barabbas is not the one the crowd calls to crucify. Instead, it is the teacher her master and Jason had begun to follow, the man from Nazareth that some call the Son of God . . .

Born free, made a slave, married out of her bonds, Abigail never knows freedom until she feels the fire of a stray drop of blood from a Jewish carpenter. Disowned by Israel, despised by Rome, desired by all, she never knows love until she receives the smile of a stoic Roman noble.


Roseanna, thank you so much for joining us! So, tell us, what do you want readers to walk away with after reading A Stray Drop of Blood?

In a story as complex as this one, there are a lot of different things readers can take away–and one of the major blessings thus far has been hearing how each reader focuses on the aspects that touch them most. Some comment on the spiritual themes, others on the intellectualism, others on the romance, or the history. All of those are elements I put much thought and prayer into, so this feedback is so edifying.

More than any of that, though, I hope that readers of A Stray Drop of Blood walk away with a deeper understanding of the sacrifice Jesus made for them, of the power in the blood he shed–and of their own faith. As I wrote this book, I had to question my beliefs so that I could get at the foundation of them. I had to read the accounts in the Gospels as if I’d never heard them before, as a skeptic. Doing that made it real to me–not just a story I’d been raised on, but one that I could explore on so many levels.

And that’s what I hope my novel helps readers do too: to look at a familiar story from a new perspective. To look inside themselves, into the depths of their heart, where their faith springs up. I hope they get so immersed in the time, in the culture, in the unchanging heart of humanity that they’re struck anew by the amazing events that have become the cornerstone of Christianity. I hope they run smack into the reminder of how awesome is our God.

Like me, I hope they question . . . and that the answers bring them closer to the Lord.

Roseanna, thank you so much for those wise words. Yes, we should always question what we're told or what we think we remember. That's what the Bereans did, and because of their daily search through scriptures, they were called "noble" (Acts 17:11).

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  1. I would love to win this book--Roseanna has been a great friend in our industry to other writers, and now it's her time to shine! Congrats, Roseanna! And thanks, Sandi for promoting excellent books on your site. WillisWay (at) aol (dot) com.

  2. Oh, MY! this is so well written just in the summary, I can't wait to read the book! Please sign me up for a chance to win. Julie's review was also amazing. Thank God for fiction as rich as this. May this book do well.
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  3. I've had this book on my wishlist for a long time, i'd love to win it signed!

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  4. This is a book I really want to read, but the money isn't there right now. Just from the information in your review I can tell it's going to be superb! I hope word of it spreads so that many people will be affected, influenced by it. Please enter me in the drawing!

    Cathi H.
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  5. Sandi, that was a two-fer review. I've never read anything that isn't a glowing review for this book. I recall a blog mate telling us about it when she'd finished and I knew I had to read it, too.
    I'm glad to put my name in for the drawing, but I'll be reading it soon, in whatever way I have to get my hands on it!
    thanks, Debra
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  6. Wow, y'all! This is a lovely way to wake up on a cold Monday morning. =) I have been so blessed by the interest in the book--and I'm not talking sales. I'm talking the excitement with which I've been greeted and the passion others feel for this story too. Thank you guys SOOOOO much! And thank YOU, Sandi for featuring me. You rock. =)

    FYI, for anyone who doesn't win the book, you can follow the purchase link on my site (which Sandi links to in the first sentence of this post) and use coupon code BLOGGER for 20% off. Then, since it's my mom's site and we handle fulfillment, you can send me an email at roseanna[at]roseannawhite[dot]com and I'll autograph it for you. =)

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  8. This book sounds incredible! I agree that we need to stay on our toes and remember why we believe what we believe. And it is good to have a book touch our heart and refresh out mind in a different way. Please enter me in the drawing. But thanks so much for the coupon if I don't win! wahoo! Bonus!

  9. I loooooove this book. I really enjoyed getting further insight into it from Roseanna. Thanks, Sandi. This is a must read. Don't enter me. I want someone else to have the pleasure of receiving it.

  10. This book sounds awesome!!
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  11. Enjoyed the interview and would love to be entered in the giveaway drawing for A Stray Drop of Blood. It looks like a really good read. Thank you!



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  13. I first discovered Roseanna's book on a Christian blog a few weeks ago and have been intrigued by it ever since. I appreciate the chance to win a copy.

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  14. This sounds wonderful!

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  15. Sounds like a fascinating book that took a lot of thought, prayer, and effort. I would love to win it. patgonzales [at]arkvi[dot]com.

  16. A STRAY DROP OF BLOOD sounds like a
    book I will really enjoy reading.
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