Friday, November 25, 2011

A Note from Alison Strobel

I'm commandeering Sandi's blog for the day to make sure everyone is aware of something we're trying to do to help the Rogs as Sandi embarks on a new treatment for her stubborn cancer. We've launched a fundraiser in conjunction with, where we've already raised 25% of our $21,400 goal. And as an extra little incentive, we've amassed over six thousand dollars' worth of prize donations that we've grouped into packages that we're raffling over the next week. Author autographed books, hand-sewn/-knit/-crocheted items, jewelry, gift cards, chocolates, hand-dyed yarn...the variety is incredible! Nearly all the items have been previewed on the blog; come check them out, and after you're done drooling and you've chosen your favorite packages, done to the fundraiser through the widget in the sidebar. Every $5 you donate gets you a raffle "ticket"--to read all the details of how the raffle and tickets work, check out this post on the blog.

We know that the economy is tough right now, and that most people don't have a lot of disposable income. But for most of us, situations like Sandi's fall into the "it could be worse" category. You may have stopped eating out, like we have, or are shopping at WalMart instead of the big supermarkets because it's cheaper (also like us!). You may be cutting back on your holiday decorating or Christmas gifts. But you can spare five bucks, or even twenty, for a one-time "it takes a village" moment to link arms with the rest of us to help make it possible for Sandi to receive the treatment she needs in Arizona.

So go check out your bank account, figure out if there's a pumpkin spice latte you can skip this week or a lunch out that you can forgo, and join us in blessing Sandi and her family this holiday season. Thanks for hanging with me--hope to see your name on the donor list!

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  1. I've seen the packages and it's like Christmas is coming early for writers and readers alike! Even if you're not a wealthy Bedouin prince, and are juggling for tips you won't miss five bucks, and you'll feel REALLY good about contributing to Sandi's fundraiser. Seriously, you will and if you don't own Yahshua's bridge yet, get your copy now. After you donated to Sandi's fundraiser ;-) The amazing folks at DeWard publishing are donating $1 for every copy sold.