Sunday, November 28, 2010

In God's Hands

I go in for another round of chemo treatments this Monday (tomorrow). I'll be in the hospital for five days. For some reason, the hospital blocks off some sites, like MY BLOG!

"How RUDE! I've never been so INSULTED in all my life!"

So . . . that's why I'm writing to you all now. If I don't reply to your comments, it's because I can't. I might still be able to read them, but we'll see!

I've had a number of people share survival stories with me. It's been very encouraging. And it made me realize, I'm not terribly afraid. Sure, I go in with a bit of angst in my heart for what I'll suffer while in the flesh, but nothing terrifying. I think it's because I KNOW I'm in God's hands. I'm trusting in that. He's my Protector, my Savior and my LOVE. He died for me, so why wouldn't He be with me during this time?

God is the One Who has numbered my days on this earth. I belong to Him. He's in control, not me, and not anyone else. He'll use those around me to either prolong my life or to end it. It's HIS CHOICE.

So . . . what better Hands could I be in?

Here's a song that really speaks to me these days. I'd like to share it with all of you. Click on the image below:

What's funny is, I discovered this song just a few weeks before my diagnosis, and I played it over and over again! It's brought me such comfort. Simply because HE IS, HE WAS, AND HE ALWAYS WILL BE, and I AM HIS!!!

I love You, God!!! xxx


  1. Precious Sandi,
    Eagerly read your posts and hope we don't have to miss them. :) So sorry Susan was out of lip balm. Hope that helps and she does too! Our thoughts, prayers and love, Bobbe & John

  2. Sweet Bobbe. When I saw your hubby with his gift, I wanted to give him a hug! But because I'm on chemo, I'm really not allowed to get too close to folks for fear of getting sick. sigh Anyway, so please tell him how much I appreciated seeing him, and YOU! I still have plenty of lip balm. It doesn't require a lot, so it's lasting pretty well, I think. Bless you for your thoughtfulness and kindness, and more so, for your prayers! xxx

  3. That song is AWESOME!! I'm sobbing.

  4. Serena, it sounds like you love that song as much as I do! It IS awesome. I totally puts things in perspective.

    This might be my last comment for this week. I'm about to leave for the hospital.


    Sandi xxx

  5. I'm a little slow reading this, but I did want to comment. When I almost died six years ago, I felt a peace. It's hard to describe, but I was at peace. It was the most peaceful feeling I have ever had, then they kept me in a coma for a week. When I woke up, I still felt peaceful. I hope and pray you have that same peace.

  6. Sweet Kathy. Thank you. As long as I trust God, I will feel that peace.

  7. Dear Sandi, I am a brand new follower who has been touched by your positive attitude and lovely blog. I send you my heartfelt good wishes.
    Carol from

  8. Thank you so much, Carol, for stopping by. I'm afraid I don't leave posts as often as I "should," but I'll get to them when I can. It's so nice to have you join us. xxx