Friday, November 26, 2010

What a day . . .

I shaved my head. I cried while we did it, but it's good to finally have it done and over with. Clumps of hair were falling out, so it was time. I should take a picture of myself in my wig! Here it is:

Here's a funny: My ten-year-old son was begging me to see my bald head all day. When I finally got ready to show it to him, he said, "Finally." lol Such a "boy!" And his reaction: "Weird!" *shaking head* I was worried about my three-year-old, Chelsea. I was afraid it might scare her. She walked into the room when I was showing my husband (after he got home from work), and she looked at me with a quirked eyebrow and said, "Mommy," in a tone that said, "What'd you go and do?" Then, Daddy picked her up and held her up to me. She just got a new batch of stickers from my boss's Sunday school class and held them up to my face saying, "I got new stickers!" Then she proceeded to stick one on my head! LOL That was her only reaction to my bald head. For her, life is normal and just fine. I'm so glad she wasn't scared!

AND THE GOOD NEWS is my aunt hosted my book signing at Mardel's today. I couldn't go because I'm not allowed (doctor's orders) to be around a lot of people for fear I might get sick. Well, my aunt sold ALL 30 OF MY BOOKS!!! I PRAYED for this! Thank You, God! xxx 

God has great timing, don't ya think? :-) Thank you to all those who bought it, and THANK YOU AUNT DEBBIE for hosting it for me!!! xxx Debbie is the one in the dark sweater and blue-green scarf. Isn't she cute?! She's the best!!

P.S. Don't forget the post below. I need your help coming up with questions for my book discussion in January!


  1. Yay for selling out!!!

    And the wig looks totally natural. If you hadn't said it was a wig I'd have never guessed.

  2. Sending hugs and prayers. Go in there swinging on Monday, Sandi. May all the prayers lead the fight, followed up by regiments of chemo and leave the enemy cells destroyed in their wake!

    Your book signing party was an awesome success, I see!!

  3. I loved the wig! You are a great encouragement to all of us. Your faith is awesome. We're praying for you. I wish I could be there with you, but miles keep us apart. I am with you in prayers and thoughts. Love

  4. Thank you, all! I'm glad you like the wig. :-) I like it because it's fun and spunky. I'm gonna need fun and spunky during all this!

  5. Sandi, that wig is awesome! I *never* would have guessed it was a wig. I actually thought it was the "before" picture and that further down would be a bald "after". I couldn't believe it when I read closely and realized it *was* the "after"! You look fantastic! And that's so awesome that your aunt sold all your books. Hallelujah!!

  6. Your wig looks great, and just think about how easy it is to care for. I loved the fact that your kids weren't upset by your bald head. Isn't it wonderful how resilient they are? Congratulations, too, to you and Aunt Debbie on the Mardel sell-out. I hope I'll be able to sell out all your books this week at the Loveland B&N.

  7. Sandi, you look beautiful in that wig---not as nice as your own hair, but that will only come back more glorious after this is all over. I'm trusting for that. And I'll bet your aunt had a hoot doing your book signing. She probably got to brag on you a lot more than you ever would on yourself. Which would be only telling the truth, on her part. :) Proud of you. And praying for you this week.

  8. LOL Alison, I'm too vain to put up a picture of my bald head. I don't see that happening anytime soon. :-) I'm glad you like the wig. I like it too. It's not too shabby. It's always good to "see" you. Thanks for stopping by.

    Amanda, you're a blessing to do a book signing for me! I pray it goes well and is easy on you. xxx

    Christine, I'm praying my hair doesn't return gray! I've heard of one too many people whose hair has come back gray. If that happens, I'll dye it blond. The gray doesn't show up as much in blond hair. That's what one of my cancer-survivor friend's did. My sister has blond hair, so I'll just look more like her if I have to do that. :-)

  9. I didn't know you were wearing a wig, Sandi! Wow... Just, wow. It's amazing how synthetic wigs can transform you in the most positive way. My wife actually uses Forever Young wigs, and every time she wears them, it's like she gets a make over. Not that she's not pretty without them. It just excites me as a husband to see my wife's beauty in different facets.